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Pathway to a Plumbing Career

In all States and Territories of Australia plumbing is a regulated trade.  This means that to undertake plumbing work you need to comply with the registration requirements of the local regulator.

In Victoria the regulator of the plumbing industry is the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).  Information about the VBA and its role can be found on its website

To do plumbing work in Victoria you must be either:

  • Licensed by the VBA
  • Registered by the VBA
  • In training under the supervision of a licensed plumbing practitioner

A plumbing apprenticeship is covered by part c above and at the completion of your apprenticeship you must apply for and be granted registration by the VBA.  To qualify for registration there are a number of requirements that must be met including:

  • Successful completion of an approved course – All Plumbing Apprenticeships Victoria apprentices are enrolled in a Certificate III Plumbing qualification that meets this requirement.
  • Successful completion of the VBA’s registration exam (commonly referred to as the journeymans’s exam)
  • Successful completion of a plumbing apprenticeship in Australia – this generally means a four year period of “on the job” and “off the job” training to build and demonstrate competency.

In addition to these requirements the VBA requires all applicants for registration to make a number of declarations.  This includes disclosing to the VBA details of any convictions you may have for a range of offences and details of any disqualification from any other regulated trade ( such as the electrical trade).  Before applying for a plumbing apprenticeship you should review the declarations you will be required to make at the end of your apprenticeship to ensure you will be able to work as a plumber after the apprenticeship.  Details of the declarations required are on the Plumbing Registration application form that is available on the VBA website.  If you have any questions about your potential ability to be registered you should speak to the VBA before proceeding with an apprenticeship.  You should also remember that any changes during your apprenticeship may affect your ability to become a registered plumber on completion of your apprenticeship.

Undertaking an apprenticeship with PAV

As a Group Training Scheme PAV is your legal employer. PAV is responsible for all of your employment arrangements and paying you for the work you undertake.  PAV will enroll you in a Certificate III Plumbing course at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). This may be the Master Plumbers’ own RTO or another TAFE. PAV will source work placements for you to complete the “on the job” components of your apprenticeship. These placements with a host employer may vary in length from as little as a week through to the whole of you apprenticeship. Your work placements may be changed due to the demand for labour by the host or by planned rotation to ensure that you work in all areas of plumbing during your apprenticeship.

How to Apply

To apply you need to supply the following information and documents:

  1. Employment application form
  2. An up to date resume
  3. Copies of any relevant School or RTO qualifications (eg Certificate II Plumbing Pre-apprenticeship or current Certificate III Plumbing if you have already commended your apprenticeship)
  4. A cover letter outlining why you want to undertake a plumbing apprenticeship with PAV

These documents should be scanned and emailed to or mailed to:

Plumbing Apprenticeships Victoria

PO Box 214, Brunswick  VIC 3056 

PAV recruits throughout the year so there is no “cut-off” date for applications.


A part of applying to undertake your apprenticeship with PAV we will require you to provide information about your skills, experience and history.  We will also ask you about any support services that you may require to assist you to complete your apprenticeship and any reasonable alterations that we may need to make to work arrangements to accommodate your needs.  For applicants who are invited to attend an interview this will include literacy and numeracy tests.

Applicants who are successful in obtaining employment with PAV will be sent an offer of employment that details the terms of employment. Before commencing work all new employees will be required to:

  1. Obtain a Working With Children Check – at times during your employment you may be placed at worksites where this is a requirement
  2. Undertake a pre-employment medical examination at our nominated medical centre – this is to ensure that you are physically able to meet the inherent requirements of the role and to identify any pre-existing injuries or illnesses that may require reasonable alterations to work arrangements to accommodate your needs.
  3. Provide evidence of their identity, eligibility to work as an apprentice in Australia, and to receive government funding for their course
    • For all employees we will include photo ID and verification of your address. This may be by a drivers licence or by a passport and utility bills.
    • For Australian citizens eligibility to work may be evidenced by a passport, birth certificate or citizenship certificate.
    • For people who are not an Australian citizen, eligibility to work and to access funding may be evidenced by a passport and an Australian visa. You may also be requested to consent to PAV checking the Department of Immigration’s Visa Entitlement Verification system to verify your visa details.

The offer of employment is subject to satisfactory completion of these items.  The costs of these checks will be met by PAV once you have been offered employment.  You should not apply for any of these checks until you receive your offer of employment.


Commencing Work

At the time of commencing work PAV will provide an induction which includes Workplace Health and Safety, how you will be supported through your apprenticeship by PAV staff and through other services if required, the completion of records to ensure you are paid on time and accurately.  At induction PAV will also ensure you have returned all of the necessary paperwork to commence work and to be able to be paid.  You will also receive an initial allocation of personal protective equipment (PPE), including clothing.  You are required to use/wear the correct PPE at all times whilst working for PAV.

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